Qualities That a Good Gaming Monitor

There are a variety of gaming monitors out there which can make choosing the right one a bit nerve wrecking. Knowing which qualities make a gaming monitor worth having is essential if you’re planning on buying one. The following are the

Features of a good gaming monitor

1. Anti-glare coating

There are plenty of gaming monitors out there that come with this feature. This feature protects you from any glare that may be coming from any source of light that is behind you. Gaming monitors that have this feature will come in handy when you’re using them in a well-lit environment. Although gaming monitors that don’t have this feature have a sharper picture quality, they are prone to glares when exposed to lots of light.

2. Good size and resolution

eet5y6u57i86kjDifferent people have different preferences when it comes to the size of the monitor. If you don’t have that much desk space available, you might want to settle for a 24-inch monitor. 30-inch monitors are currently the biggest gaming monitors in the market. The pixel count is what determines the quality of the pictures. In most cases, the size of the monitor will determine its resolution. For example, 27-inch gaming monitors will allow you to go beyond Full High Definition which means you’ll have a maximum resolution of 1,920 by 1,080. You also need to pay attention to the monitor’s pixel count to ensure that you have a sharp picture quality. However, you’ll need a powerful graphics engine to play the latest games at higher resolution.

3. Fast pixel response

The pixel response is what determines the time it takes for a pixel to transition from one shade of grey to another. Gaming monitors that have low pixel response provides a better picture quality that those with a high pixel response due to the absence of the smearing of moving images. If possible, you should go for a gaming monitor that has a pixel response of 2 milliseconds or less. However, even a 4 milliseconds pixel response is still okay for gaming.

4. High refresh rate

This essentially means the time it will take to redraw the content on the screen. It is measured in Hertz(Hz). If the monitor has 60Hz refresh rate, that means that the screen will be refreshed 60 times per second. A gaming monitor with this refresh rate (60Hz) will not give you good image quality because fast moving images may appear blurred. With this in mind, it’ll be a good idea to go for a monitor that has a 120Hz refresh rate or higher.

5. Video inputs

htdyjhy56rA gaming monitor that has variety of video inputs will allow you to stay connected to other gaming consoles and PCs. If you have a PS4 or Xbox, then you have to pay attention to this feature. Ensure there is presence of USB ports and Dual HDMI. USB ports will allow you to connect to thumb drives, gaming controllers and other external peripherals.