Jimmy Seals

                                      As evidenced here, the influence of parent can be a blessing to everyone.  Dad, Wayland Seals, worked as a driller in the central Texas oil fields by day but at night he played guitar in the local swing band called "The Tom Cats".  One night a group of friends dropped by and entertained the family after dinner.   About six at the time, his son, Jimmy found total enjoyment in watching the fiddle player.  Apparently he then asked for a violin of his own.  By nine Jimmy was good enough to compete in the Texas State Fiddle Championship which he went on to win placing first over fidders of all ages.

Jimmy was in the 8th grade when he first met the older Darrell "Dash" Crofts.  Jimmy was just learning to play the sax and Dash was into playing the drums for a local swing and country band.  In 1958 Jimmy was playing guitar with Dean Beard & The Crew Cuts.  When the Crew Cuts lost their drummer, it was only natural that Jimmy would recommend Dash.   1958 saw Jimmy cutting a couple of instrumental singles.

Fate takes a hand when the Champs - "Tequila" - had a dispute over the ownership of the group's name.   Shortly afterwards, the Champs found themselves without a sax player and a drummer.  All this while Jimmy was only about 14.  Just about then his parents split up and his mother took Dan away with her to live in Dallas.   Shortly afterwards Jimmy went to California to continue touring with the Champs which lasted about  seven  years all told.   They soon parted with Dash eventually returning to Texas.  In 1966 Jimmy hooked up with Louis Sheldon to form a small cover band.  Dash was soon talked into returning to California.  They then added three girls to become the "Dawnbreakers".

Dash was the influence on Jimmy to become involved in the Baha'i Faith.  At that point, Jimmy's marriage had more or less collapsed and he was just searching for answers.  He started reading all the books he could on the Baha'i Faith and attended firesides.  It was at one of these fireside meetings that he met his current wife Ruby Jean who he married in 1970.

Soon tiring of the hard rock style music, Dash and Jimmy started writing songs to please themselves.  What people heard they liked and in 1969 they performed as a duo for the first time at the Ice House in Pasadena, California.  In 1970 they signed to their first label.  The two albums produced, Seals & Crofts and Down Home, were not widely accepted but yet they continued to do well on the concert scene.  In 1971 they signed to the Warner Brothers label and came out with Year Of Sunday.  Again not a popular release.  The next release, Summer Breeze, ended up spending 100 weeks on the billboard charts.

In 1980 Dash and Jimmy walked away from the music business with Dash living in Nashville, Australia and more recently Texas while Jimmy moved to Costa Rica with his wife Ruby and their three children.

1991-1992 saw a short reunion tour by the duo.  I was lucky enough to catch the show here on Long Island at the time.

Married to: Ruby Jean

Children: Joshua, Sutherland, Juliet

Grandchildren: one

Brothers: Dan Seals - England Dan & John Ford Coley, Eddie - of Eddie & Joe

Sisters: Renee

Related to: Chuck Seals, Brady Seals, Johnny Duncan, Troy Seals

Hobbies: Fly fishing newly started according to Dan

Faith: Baha'i Faith